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Dr Guo is our long-term legal counsel, providing us with legal advice on and assistance with various Dutch law matters. Dr Guo is a prudent lawyer that provides meticulous legal services. He responds quickly to various legal questions raised by us and provides professional answers. We are very satisfied with Dr Guo’s services. In our experience Dr Guo is a highly professional adviser that is worth recommending.

Evergreen Shipping Agency (Europe) GMBH Netherlands Branch
Business: marine shipping and logistics
Entrusted matters: long-term legal advice

Dr Guo is the long-term legal counsel of our company, advising us on and assisting us with various legal matters concerning Dutch employment law, corporate law, commercial contracts etc. Not only does Dr Guo provide meticulous advice that is flawless from a legal perspective, but he also pays careful attention to the commercial needs of our company in our business operation. As a result, Dr Guo’s legal advice is highly practical and leads to very good implementation results. Our company is very happy to have such a reliable legal counsel as Dr Guo.

ECMS Express (NL) B.V.
Business: logistics
Entrusted matters: long-term legal advice

Our company fell victim to a scam when doing business with the Netherlands. Initially we tried to solve this issue by ourselves but encountered significant difficulties. Six months’ efforts to resolve this matter have not resulted in any meaningful progress. Once Dr Guo was engaged as our legal adviser, we received prompt and effective legal assistance. Dr Guo conducted a thorough legal analysis for us, designed a clear plan of action and took a series of effective measures on our behalf. With the assistance of Dr Guo, we quickly recovered the scam loss. We are very satisfied with the efficient and professional services provided by Dr Guo.

Qingdao Carlos Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd
Business: horticultural services
Entrusted matter: scam loss recovery

During our business dealings with a Dutch company, we encountered a commercial contract dispute. Dr Guo provided us with highly professional legal advice and services. On behalf of our company Dr Guo negotiated skillfully with the opposite party, adopted effective legal measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our company and ultimately achieved our company’s demands in full. We recommend Dr Guo for his professional competence and meticulous work style.

LAMI BRANDS Pty. Ltd. (Australian company)
Business: distribution of baby and childcare products
Entrusted matter: commercial dispute resolution

During an investment project in a Dutch start-up company, Dr Guo provided me with legal advice and assistance in various aspects, including drafting core legal documents such as the shareholders’ agreement. The legal documents drafted by Dr Guo are rigorous and professional. Moreover, Dr Guo works highly efficiently, always completing the entrusted work on time or even ahead of schedule. Based on my experience with Dr Guo during this investment project, I highly endorse his professional capabilities. In my experience Dr Guo is a reliable lawyer that is worth recommending.

Wayld Capital Partner
Business: venture capital investment
Entrusted matters: full legal assistance private equity investment

Our company established a joint venture with a cooperation partner. During the cooperation process, however, the joint venture partner kept making unreasonable requests, eventually resulting in a dispute between the shareholders. For this matter we consulted Dr Guo for legal advice. Dr Guo conducted a thorough legal analysis of the dispute and provided us with valuable suggestions. Our company adopted Dr Guo’s advice and successfully resolved the dispute in a favourable manner for us.

Anonymous corporate client
Business: cross-border e-commerce
Entrusted matter: shareholders’ dispute resolution

Due to further business expansion, our company needed to recruit a new employee. During this process, Dr Guo provided us with labour law advice and drafted an employment contract for us. Dr Guo communicated highly effectively with us and was quick to understand our company’s key concerns and needs. He was very skillful in using professional and accurate wording to perfectly reflect our company’s intentions and to accommodate our needs in the employment contract. We are very satisfied with Dr Guo’s services and will continue to retain him as our lawyer for future legal matters.

7 Choco Supply Chain B.V.
Business: e-commerce
Eentrusted matters: employment law advice and contract drafting

Our company encountered a commercial dispute in a business project. Repeated efforts to settle this matter have eventually not led to the desired result. Ultimately we had no other choice but to sue the opposite party. During the litigation process Dr Guo provided us with professional advice and assistance, with which we are very satisfied.

Anonymous corporate client
Business: real estate
Entrusted matter: commercial litigation

When operating our restaurant we fell victim to a telemarketing scam by a Dutch company. The fraudulent company constantly harassed us and repeatedly threatened us to pay the so-called “membership fee.” Dr Guo carefully verified the relevant facts for us and has found solid evidence of fraud committed by the opposite party. Based on his analysis and findings, Dr Guo drafted a strong response letter for us. After receiving our response letter, the fraudsters no longer dared to continue harassing us and the matter was resolved in a smooth manner. We are very satisfied with Dr Guo’s professional advice and assistance.

Anonymous corporate client
Business: restaurant
Entrusted matter: legal assistance to scam victim

As the legal counsel of our restaurant, Dr Guo provides us with excellent legal assistance and advice in various areas such as corporate and employment law. Dr Guo has a rigorous work style and provides accurate and reliable legal advice. We are very satisfied.

Oriëntaals Restaurant Chun Li (Lochemseweg 35,7244 RR Barchem)
Business: restaurant
Entrusted matters: long-term legal advice

I encountered some problems regarding the unemployment benefits that I received. Not familiar with the laws in this area, I did not know how to deal with this issue when it occurred and became very anxious. Dr Guo provided me with very good legal advice. He analysed the possible impact of this issue and provided viable suggestions on how to deal with this matter. I am very satisfied with Dr Guo’s services.

Anonymous client
Entrusted matter: employment and social security legal advice

When conducting our business we were misled by a company. This company purported to provide various services to us for free, such as search engine optimisation. Under this pretense, this company induced us to provide important corporate information and misled us to sign a document. In order to prevent losses, we immediately contacted Dr Guo for legal assistance. Dr Guo quickly analysed the main legal risks for us and swiftly proposed an action plan. In accordance with Dr Guo’s advice, we sent a letter drafted by Dr Guo to the opposite party, clearly setting out our position and convincingly pointing out that the opposite party’s standpoint had no legal basis. After receiving this letter, the opposite party no longer dared to continue harassing us and this dispute was resolved in a way that was favourable to us. We are very satisfied with the professional legal advice and assistance provided by Dr Guo.

Penex International C.V.
Business: travel and consultancy
Entrusted matter: commercial dispute resolution

When we bought an apartment in Amsterdam, the seller’s agent provided us with an incorrect indication of the area of the apartment. This mistake was only discovered when we were about to sell the apartment later. For this matter we retained a lawyer to seek redress. However, the progress was very slow and the lawyer was not able to clearly explain the key legal points of the dispute and the litigation risks to us. This significantly impeded our litigation decision-making. Later, we contacted Dr Guo for legal advice. Dr Guo made a careful legal analysis for us. In an orderly and easy to understand manner, Dr Guo clarified the difficult legal points that had been puzzling us for a long time and provided us with an objective analysis of the litigation risks. Dr Guo’s advice was of great value for us to make the right decisions regarding this dispute. We feel that Dr Guo is a warm-hearted, professional and reliable lawyer and we highly appreciate his assistance.

Mr Kao and wife
Entrusted matter: apartment purchase dispute resolution

After taking over the restaurant, we needed to apply for a catering permit from the municipal government. For the application we needed to collect, organise and submit a large amount of documents. As our lawyer, Dr Guo provided us with very good consultation and assistance throughout the application process. The municipal government requested additional documents and information multiple times during the approval process. With the professional assistance of Dr Guo, we submitted all supplementary documents in time, responded to all the questions raised by the municipal government as required and finally successfully obtained the catering permit. We are very satisfied with his legal services and recommend Dr Guo.

Mori Sushi Grill Asian Kitchen (Watercipresstraat 9, 1326 CM Almere)
Business: restaurant
Entrusted matter: application for catering permit

While working at the previous company I was treated unjustly by the employer. Without any legal basis the employer gave me instant dismissal. In this employment dispute Dr Guo provided me with very good legal advice and successfully defended my legitimate rights and interests. Dr Guo is very good at explaining complicated laws and contract clauses to clients in easy-to-understand language, which was very helpful to me. 

Anonymous client
Entrusted matter: employment dispute resolution

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